Seçkin Serpil

Attorney at Law


Graduated from the Austrian St. George's College Istanbul in 2007. In 2013, he took his Bachelor's Degree at Bilgi University, with the thesis "Notions of Law and Justice in the Works of Shakespeare." He finished his Master's Degree in Cinema and Television in 2016 at Kadir Has University. He attended a summer school on "Human Rights - a Repeating History" at the Swedish Embassy. In 2016 he took the FI title (Fide Instructor) at a seminar in Ankara. In 2018, on account of his work with Visually Handicapped chess players, he was accepted as a member of the World Chess Federation's Visually Handicapped Commission after the Olympiad in Batumi. In 2019 he wrote "Education Methodology for Visually Handicapped Chess Players," a first in the field. The book was sponsored by the Sports Ministry and Turkish Chess Federation, and it was translated to German, French, English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. Since 2015 he attends Berlinate Film Festival with a press card as a Cinema Author.

He is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association since 2014.