Industrial Designs

In addition to patents and utility models, aesthetic designs can also be protected against counterfeiting by entering them in the industrial design register if these are new and have a certain characteristic. After they have been registered, they then grant their holder an intellectual property right for the exclusive use of the design.

Whereas industrial designs were originally known in the fashion and furniture industries, technical design has also grown considerably in importance over the last decades. In addition, the registration of an industrial design can be expedient when a brand is already difficult to differentiate and the registration thus serves to expand, supplement and consolidate the existence of the company's intellectual property rights.

We advise and support you in the registration of industrial designs, the enforcement of industrial design rights and in the defence against the misuse of the intellectual property rights both in the context of proceedings before the trademark and patent office, and in the context of civil litigation.

In your capacity as the licensor or licensee, we support you in the contractual negotiations and in the examination preparation of licence agreements.