The end of trust-based working hours in Turkey?

Under Turkish law, the employer is obliged to record and document the daily working hours of the employees with the help of suitable means. However, it was not determined by law exactly how the recording of working hours must be carried out. As mentioned, recording and documentation with the help of suitable means is sufficient. Furthermore, the working hours do not have to be documented by the employer itself. If the working hours are documented by the employee, the employer must inform the employee, the employee must be provided with the corresponding forms and the employer must take appropriate administrative measures. 

In the case of overtime, this must be recorded separately, submitted to the employee and signed by him or her. The signed document must be stored separately. If the employer violates its obligation to record and document daily working hours and overtime hours, no sanctions are provided for this.

In Turkey, there will probably be no adjustment to the judgement of the Federal Labour Court dated 13/09/2022.

Autor: Müge Şengönül